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We observe how the pace of life changes. Trying to adapt to the fast rate of active people’s living, we create mobile and web solutions that help increase their productivity and make the daily activities easier.

Mobile Application Development

We create applications for every major mobile platform. The broad experience lets us run successfully all types of projects from news apps to photo editors.

Mobile User Interface Design

Beautiful design of our apps comes with an intuitive UI. For us, focus on user experience and attractive yet simple design is the key to success.

Web Development

We’re more than just app developers. We create flexible, easy-to-use and rich web applications, e-commerce websites and content management systems.

Cross-platform porting

One day you may change your device, but our apps developed for multiple platforms can stay with you.

Rapid Application Development

We use RAD to be faster and provide high quality products that meet your requirements.

Maintenance & updates

To keep your apps always up-to-date we deliver regular updates based on your suggestions and ideas.


Clever Software designs for every major platform, therefore our apps can be used on wide range of devices with Windows Phone, Android or iOS systems. Most of our apps are dedicated to Windows Phone, yet 20% of our work is focused on designing products for Android and iOS.

Windows Phone

Some facts about Clever Software

The quantity of our products is directly proportional to the amount of coffee we drink.

And we drink it a lot!

Our Portfolio

Our team has a strong experience in designing and creating mobile applications. We have launched over 80 apps that proved to be successful and well-received by our customers all over the world.

A wide range of software, from photo editors through games to productivity solutions, shows our passion and commitment to delivering top quality products.

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