A really good book can possess you for days…
Children’s Books is an app that lets you collect exciting interactive books for your child.
Thanks to voice recording, one book can be discovered in so many ways! You can record your own voice reading the story.

Available books:
„When I grow up, I’ll be a child”
A history of a little trouble-maker, that reminds us of the importance of children’s spontaneity, cheerfulness and curiosity of the world.
Check the funny interactions:
– Cycling
– jumping on the huge rubber ball
– playing the hide and seek
– playing with animals
And more!

“Shops” (by Ladne Halo, Lodz 2013).
“Shops” is funny and interactive story which lets you:
– Complete own shopping list
– Design own toy shop
– Play the colourful memo game

Read and enjoy our interactive Children’s Books!


UI design by Maciej Blaźniak

Available for

Windows  Phone


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