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*** The application works only with smartphones Lumia: 1520, 930, 830, 735, 730, 635, 630 (installed Sencore Core) with installed operating system WindwsPhone 8.1***

Life Tracker Pro+ is an application that uses Sensore Core sensor desgined to measure you activity. Do you know how many steps you take per day, per month or per year? Do you know the highest point you were at? From today, you will have all these data close at hand. Install the free aplication and measure your activities. You can save your activites in the forms of interesting graphs, then print or share them online. Earn badgest for your achievements.

You get for free:

Recorded activities
– The number of steps taken (walking)
– Walking time
– The number of steps taken (running)
– Running time
– Resting time
– Distance in km (total)
– Calories burned
– Your location
– Where you stayed/ been the longest
– The average altitude
– Elevation (the difference in height above sea level)
– Max temperature
– Minimum temperature
– Rainfall

Analysis of achievements
– Daily hourly activity: day, week, month and year
– Set goals
– Badges received for achievements
– Analyse your achievements on the basis of performance shown on graphs

UI design by Maciej Blaźniak


Available for

Windows Phone

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